7 Inch Front Touch Button Vehicle LCD Monitor


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The multi purpose use of this 7 inch front touch button vehicle LCD monitor includes auto  entertainment, security, rear view back up camera and more.


7 inch front touch button vehicle LCD monitor

Screen Size:                              4.3″
Screen Type:                           16:9
Car Make:                                All Vehicles
Warranty:                                18 Months
Video input form:                    4-CH input
Function:                                  4 Camera Quad Car Monitor
Connector:                               4 PIN/BNC/RCA
AV System:                              PAL / NTSC
Language:                                 English
Operation voltage:                  12V/24V

7inch monitor description:

Video inputs:                              4-CH inputs with quad function
Screen size:                                 7″ digital LCD monitor
Type:                                           16:9 wide screen
Resolution:                                  800 R.G.B x480 dots
Color system:                             AUTO
Power requirement:                 12/32V DC
Power consumption:                 8.64W
Operating temperature:           -10°C to +65°C
MIRROR/NORMAL switch:     Yes
Speaker:                                       Yes
Reversing gear is engaged:      Automatically


Monitor specifications:

-Multiple Menu languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian
-Monitors has loudspeakers users can adjust sound on the control
-Support 4 cameras video simultaneous input
-Support 4 cameras audio simultaneous input
-Can repeat the view picture ,1-60 sec can adjustment
-Single, dual, triple, quad image for optional
-Normal or mirrored picture can be switched separately on each camera
-Separate trigger control wire on each camera
-Monitor will automatic switch-over the image to the corresponding triggered camera and back to the original mode when the trigger stops.
-The trigger delay time can be adjusted (0-4s) on each camera.
-In standby mode, monitor will turn on automatically when triggered and will switch to the corresponding trigger camera image, Trigger end after shutdown.

Working voltage: 12~32V, This Self-protects of the DC voltage in case of Short-Circuit.

Ships as shown in pictures does not include camera or entertainment system.


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